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Refurbished PCs


  • Win Vista x64 Core 2 Duo, DVDRW, 120GB SSD.
  • 34 Seconds to cold boot into the windows desktop, 40 seconds to start a youtube clip playing.
  • 19" LCD.
  • Latest Windows updates & Avast free Anti Virus.

New Systems

Previous install, $1220.

  • LENOVO M73 SFF I5 [processor: I5-4430, Disk: 1TB, 8GB RAM].
  • SAMSUNG C450 22 inch LED monitor.
  • Dual screen configuration, re-using previous computers monitor.

New Desktop

New Desktop, Laptop and tablet PCs are available for sale. In most cases the deciding factor in choosing your PC is the computers processor. We recommend the intel i5 series of processor for all but the most demanding situations. The i5 is the current series midrange processor from intel and does a great job multitasking.
Currently (13-6-15) on the left, the FUJITSU E520 E85+ with FUJITSU B24T-7 24" FHD LED screen is available for $1300 (RRP$2029). Installation is available for $50 within 5km of the Adelaide CBD.