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Service Tiers

Prices charged initially for 1 hour then at 30 minute intervals after the first hour (card fees extra).

Prices starting at $30

Repairs at Hascomp IT

  • Minor drop off service (basic malware & general troubleshooting). More thorough malware removal can take at least 2 hours.
  • Laptop fan dust removal.

Call out Service

Prices starting at $50

  • Minor service (basic malware & general troubleshooting).

Prices starting at $90

  • Reinstall and update Windows.
    Bring your computer back to brand new speeds with a fresh windows install, or better yet, faster than new, with an SSD (solid state disk) upgrade.

    (If files aren't backed up, a new hard disk will be required for the new installation. The current hard disk will be transferred to an external drive case).
    This can be great for organising your files, you have your computer with a fresh install of windows and all your old files available on an external disk.
    120GB SSD - $100.
    240GB SSD - $180.
    500GB SSD - $300.
    External drive case - $40.