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Help Article - Wifi settings: Set WiFi name, Password and choose best WiFi channel

WiFi settings are configured using the web interface for your wifi router.

  • The address for your routers web user interface is often otherwise it may be written on the router. If you can't find your routers IP address, you should be able to find it by googling your routers model number.
  • Once you have got to your routers web interface, you will need to log in. Username and password may be written on the router, common username is admin, with password as password,admin or left blank.
  • Now you have logged into your routers web interface, from here you can change settings. Note: Hascomp IT assumes no responsibility for actions copied from this example.
    Settings you may want to change are:
    • wifi name (SSID).
    • wifi password.
    • wifi channel.
    These settings can be found in the various pages on your routers web interface.
  • Wifi Name

    Wifi name can be set in the SSID field.
  • Wifi Password

    Wifi password can be set in wifi security settings, note WPA security should be used as opposed to WEP.
  • Wifi Channel

    Using a mobile app such as Wifi Analyser on a mobile phone will show the utilisation of wifi channels in your vicinity. The best channel to use will be the one will the least number of users. Once you have chosen an ideal wifi channel, you can set it on your routers web interface.