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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the activities of Hascomp IT Services (ABN 26 824 703 203). It explains how Hascomp IT Services handles personal customer information. Hascomp IT Services recognises the importance of your privacy. We are committed to protecting the privacy of all the individuals with whom we deal.


“Customer” or “you“ means a person, firm or corporation, jointly and severally if more than one, that requests goods or services from us;
“goods” means all products and other goods (including any software) supplied by us to you or on your behalf;
“services” means all services performed by us for you or on your behalf;
“we” or “us“ or “our“ means “Hascomp IT Services” (ABN 26 824 703 203).

What Information We Collect

Personal information held by the Hascomp IT Services may include your name, current and previous addresses, contact phone numbers, e-mail address, and the business details of customers and suppliers and their dealings with Hascomp IT Services.

How We Use Your Personal Information

Your personal information may be used in order to:
Provide the products and services you require; Administer and manage those products and services, including charging, billing and collecting debts; Inform you of ways the products and services provided to you could be improved; Conduct appropriate checks for credit-worthiness and for fraud; Occasional contact by email or phone to inform you of available or reccomended goods and services (content is delivered scarcely with the intention of being genuinley useful to you).
We provide products and services via our website. When you visit our site, our web servers may record anonymous information such as the time, date and URL of the request. This information assists us to improve the structure of our websites and monitor their performance.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Hascomp IT Services will not disclose personal information for any marketing purposes to anyone. In the case of payment collection, Hascomp IT Services may disclose your personal information to organisations outside Hascomp IT Services. Your personal information is disclosed to these organisations only in relation to Hascomp IT Services and related companies providing services to you. These organisations may carry out billing and debt-recovery functions.

Third Party Sites

You may click-through to third party sites from our sites in which case we recommend that you refer to the Privacy Policy of the sites you visit. This Privacy Policy applies to the Hascomp IT Services website only and Hascomp IT Services assumes no responsibility for information and content of third party sites.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Our commitment to being a professional provider of computer services means that our business will continue to evolve as we respond to customer needs. Because of this, from time to time, our policies will be reviewed and may be revised. Hascomp IT Services reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy at any time and notify you by posting an updated version of the Policy on our website. The amended Privacy Policy will apply between us whether or not we have given you specific notice of any change.